Player Characters




Human (Estaran) - Rogue (played by Shane)

Features: Loner, merchant/thief, fights dirty, seeks wealth in any form though the more portable the better, cold blooded killer, agile.

Background: Grew up as a street child with no knowledge of who his parents are. Built up his own business after studying the merchants and traders of Port Redal. Lost all his wealth when Estar was invaded by the Azentians and blames them, especially after he was kicked out of the house he owned so an Azentian official could live there. His recent endeavors with this group are proving to be financially prudent and so for the mean time he is happy to accompany them on their journey.

Personality: Loner, vengeful, callous, distrustful, greedy, Hates - Azentians, uneasy around dogs, doesn't drink alcohol (but will pretend to).

Gaming Goals: gain wealth, rebuild his financial empire, make the Azentians reliant upon him and then turn away from them.

Important Items: +2 Rapier

Wish List: Repair or replace his hand crossbow, find a better and more portable way to carry belongings - possibly magical.

Advancement: Possible Paragon & Epic Paths include: Death Dealer (MP90), Dark Wanderer (MP152), Demigod (PHB174), Jack of All Trades (MP2 75) & Perfect Assassin (MP 156)


Harga Jorgen

Human (Azentian) - Cleric of the Divine Host (esp Ro-Esh) (played by Connors)

Features: Wise; Old; Has great power vs undead (radiant powers); Hard of hearing (can't hear following loud noise); Insightful; A good speaker & listener; Healer.

Background: Left behind a successful career to run a small church only for his destiny to catch up with him years later. he now regrets not doing more when he was young. Was saved frombeing accosted by Azentian soldiers by Reece and Morgran and now has decided he is going to do something about the ruling Azentians. (Although Azentian in blood, Harga considers himself Estaran, as he grew up in Estar from the age of seven).

Personality: Philosopher; Courageous; Honorable; Hates undead; Hates Azentians; Sympathetic - has a nurturing streak.

Gaming Goals:

Important Items: +2 Holy Healer's mace

Wish List: Bring out the magic of his holy symbol (some sort of radiant or fire power) - he seriously needs something like this, he is only +5 attack with all his main powers - way behind Reece, and I imagine others; His one good item is good for helping keeping others alive, but next to useless to his attacks (he doesn't plan on getting into melee if he can help it).

Heroic Feats: Defensive Healing Word (DO), Solar Enemy (DP Sun Dom), Domain Synergy (Drag 379), maybe Shield Proficiency (so he can use one of Reece's shields and his only MI is a melee weapon).
Paragon Path: Divine Oracle (?) or Radiant Servant (?)
Epic Destiny: Saint (DP) or Chosen of Ro-Esh (DP).

(Harga's Stats, Powers & APBQ character sheets @ lvl6 are all attached to this page - look under 'Files' below).



Human (Estaran) - Paladin of Ro-Esh (played by Leigh)

Features: Strong, raised as a warrior; devout servant of Ro-Esh, Channels Ro-Esh to heal ; Has sword ; Blade specialist; charges into the thick of battle, throws himself into protecting other allies before himself.

Background: Raised by the Church of Ro-Esh from birth as a Paladin. Rose rapidly through the ranks especially during the war began one of the youngest ever leaders becoming field commander at 21. Not long after becoming Field Commander the war was lost, the remenants of his squad journeyed together making guerilla combat against the enemy. During this Brockwell and Tara were injured by the Inquisitors and Maelgwn sacrificed himself to get them out. He was captured and tortured by the Inquisitors leaving him with ugly scars across his eyes. Fought his way out and has been searching for Brockwell and Tara since, joining up with any who wish to fight back against the heatheness Azentians.

Personality: Brave, Witty, Adaptable, Religious, Shivalrous.

Gaming Goals: To find his comrades Brockewell and Tara missing since Maelgwn sacrificed himself to the inquisitors to save them

Important Items:

Wish List:



Morgran Orgreslayer

Dwarven (Iron Sky Mountains) - Ranger (played by Chaddy)

Features: Forgetful; Walks with a limp due to a recent battle injury; Always likes a good fight; Protective of Reece; Twin Axe/Hammer specialist; Attacks low, taking out the legs and slowing enemies.

Background: On the hunt for a Drow named Aelarous who stole the something precious to his clan, rescued Reece while working with a raiding party of Dwarves. He is now adventuring with Reece to take the fight to the Azentians.

Personality: Hoarder; Comfortable around Undead; Hates Azentians.

Gaming Goals:

Important Items:

Wish List:


(Morgran's Stats, Powers & APBQ character sheets are all attached to this page - look under 'Files' below).


Reece Bennick

Human (Estaran) - Fighter (Warlord MC) (played by Connors)

Features: Strong, fit & athletic; Trained medic & leader; Has magic sword and shield (carries 2 shields); Blade and spear specialist; Moves opponents around with shield a lot in battle.

Background: Grew up with no real direction in life until he joined the Estaran Army. There he rose through the ranks rapidly and was marked as a leader. Not long after attaining a captain's role his unit was captured by Azentian soldiers. Whilst being transported between prisons he was freed by a raidning force consisting mostly of dwarves. Reece was badly wounded in the escape and Morgran and his allies looked after him. When he recovered, he and Morgran decided to continue the fight.

Personality: Frustrated soldier; Tactical leader; Loves war and hero stories; Doesn't sit idle; Hates Azentians; Distrusts bards.

Gaming Goals:

Important Items: +2 Magic Longsword; Light Shield of Protection

Wish List: Simple - Magic armor or heavy shield, or advancement of sword (also need to look into items that make him a better leader);

Retrain: Warding Defense feat for any listed here; At-Will Sure Strike for Shield Feint (Drag 385); Encounter Shield Bash for Shove & Slap (Drag 385)
Heroic Feats: Agile Superiority (Drag 378), Defensive Challenge (Drag 378), Marked Fury (MP2), Nerath [Estaran] Fighting Style (MP2), Timely Respite (PHB), Watchful Redoubt (?)
Paragon Path: Shield Adept (?)
Epic Destiny: Eternal Guardian (MP).

(Reece's Stats, Powers & APBQ character sheets @ lvl6 are all attached to this page - look under 'Files' below).



Human (Estaran) - Wizard and follower of Gaia (played by Shane)

Features: Intelligent, trained in the arcane, religion and nature, prematurely greying at temples, cracks fingers, pale skin, walks with a fake limp to give the impression of the need for a staff.

Background: An only child, his parents died several years before the war. Led an uneventful life until the war and now tries to hide his powers by pretending to be a herbalist/priest. Is runing for his life after being outed and hunted by the Azentians.

Personality: Cusious, distrusts Azentians, uneasy around the dead/undead, acts out of good faith, tries to do what is right, tries to hide his arcane abilities, helpful.

Gaming Goals: Protect himself and preserve the magic/magical history of Estar, return Estar to the Estarians.

Important Items: Staff of Fiery Might, Spellbook & Goggles of Aura Sight

Wish List:

Advancement: Paragon Path - Tome Adept (Dragon380 - Wizard Spiral Tower), Epic Path - Lorekeeper

Non-Player Characters


Captain Damon Perrett

Human (Azentian) - Knight Inquisitor of the Church of Seven

History: The party first encountered Perrett at the ancient tower in the first stages of their quest. Using a magical circle, they escaped his patrol by teleporting away to Darachmar. A few months later, they narrowly avoided him in the town of Woodfall, thanks to an early warning by the townsfolk.

In their last meeting, Perrett and his men apparently poisoned the heroes, using some type of drug in the stew served at the inn in Mine Town. While the heroes were unconscious, the Inquisitors appeared to steal the spell book and staff of Victor.

Known Features: Perrett is known to lead a small patrol of Inquisitors, approximately 20-25 in number. It is not known exactly how many of them are Knights and how many are regular Azentian soldiers. Presumably, at least one of them would also be a priest of the Church of Seven.

Hesskin and Dajani

Hesskin is a massive dragonborn warrior, at least seven feet tall, and probably 300 pounds at the least.

Dajani is a tiefling, armed with a scimitar and long hunting knife.

These two serve as lieutenants under the Inquisitor Captain Damon Perrett. It's unclear how a dragonborn and tiefling would come to be the lieutenants in a squad of inquisitors, but the party has now seen them with him twice.

The two of them seem to be feared by the common soldiers, and are both obviously accustomed to instant obedience.



Iskail is a young black dragon. The heroes unknowingly walked into his lair during their initial foray north headed to Winterhaven. Almost killing several of the heroes, the dragon fled to save itself before it could finish them off. It did manage to steal a chest full of coins from them as it flew off, earning it Cade's hostility.

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