This is the beginning of the Azentian Campaign, set approximately two years after the conclusion of the war between Azentia and Estar. Azentian forces are now well entrenched within Estar, and the few remaining Estaran nobles that were not killed off or wed to Azentian families have fled the country. Tension runs high between the Church of the Seven and the Divine Host.

Elves and dwarves are once again trading within the Azentian borders, though their numbers are still not what they once were. Dragonborn, tieflings and halflings are more prominent now than they were before the war, their deeds (and the animosity between the human nobility) has earned them much more tolerance throughout the lands.


Changes continued in the newly conquered northern province of Azentia following their victory in the war.

King Markus was officially found guilty of conspiring to murder Crown Prince Andrej of Azentia and is executed for the crime. His eldest daughter, Princess Chamille, is wed to General Arryn Harrton, who led the Azentian forces during the war. Harrton is formally adopted into the Azentian nobility as a reward for his services, and now rules as Duke of Darachmar.


The War between Azentia and Estar concludes, with King Markus of Estar formally surrendering to the Grand Marshall of Azentia in Darachmar. It is understood that King Markus surrendered in order to save the lives of his soldiers, as the Estaran forces were clearly destined for defeat.

The practice of wizardry is formally declared to be illegal, and the Church of the Seven is reaffirmed as the official religion of the kingdom.


Frustrated by their inability to advance into Estar, the Azentians finally decide to raze the city of Morgane, rather than trying to occupy it again.


Estaran forces recapture the city of Morgane, with help from the Cadre.


After laying siege for three months, the city of Morgane finally falls to the Azentian forces, allowing them to progress north into Estar.


The first major battle of the war is fought at the town of Hammerdale, on the Azentian side of the River Wyarra. Knowing that they could not allow the Azentians to build their forces unchecked, the Estaran nobles strike at one of the marshalling points. Thousands of Azentian soldiers are killed before their commanders can rally them to respond. Hard pressed by the sheer numbers of the Azentians, the Estaran forces fall back to the Wyarra Bridge. They allow the Azentians to press them back across the bridge before the Estaran wizards use their magic to fire the bridge, killing many more Azentians, and effectively ending the battle.


War breaks out between the neighbouring kingdoms of Azentia and Estar. Tension have been building between the two for some time, particularly based on their opposing views on religion and magic. The dwarves and elves immediately withdraw back within their own kingdoms, and neither one takes sides in the conflict.


Prince Andrej of Azentia is assassinated while touring the regions around King's Lake. Turmoil engulfs Azentia as the Church and the King's forces search for the killers. It is soon revealed that the Prince was killed by sorcerors acting from within Estar.


Archmage Khorvis, in order to protect the interests of the wizards of Estar, gathers seven of his more powerful colleagues together to form the Cadre.

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