The following movies, tv shows and books have played a large part in inspiring this campaign setting (along with many of the other settings I've created over the years). If you're looking for a good fantasy novel to read, tv show or movie to watch, I recommend everything listed below.


A Song of Ice and Fire Series, by George R R Martin

  • A Game of Thrones
  • A Clash of Kings
  • A Storm of Swords
  • A Feast for Crows
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One of the main influences for the Azentia campaign, along with the Firefly tv series. Quite possibly the best fantasy series I have ever read, with dozens of characters, involved in anywhere up to a dozen separate plot lines at a time. There really are not cardboard cut-out heroes or villains, with every character coming with their own unique background, personality and motives.

The Bard Trilogy, by Michael Scott

  • Magician's Law
  • Demon's Law
  • Death's Law
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The Riftwar Saga, by Raymond E Feist

  • Magician
  • Silverthorn
  • A Darkness at Sethanon
Magician.jpg Silverthorn.jpg darknesssethanon.jpg

The Empire Trilogy, by Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts

  • Daughter of the Empire
  • Servant of the Empire
  • Mistress of the Empire
daughterempire.jpg servantempire.jpg mistressempire.jpg

The Rose of the Prophet Trilogy, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

  • The Will of the Wanderer
  • The Paladin of the Night
  • The Prophet of Akhran
willwanderer.jpg paladinnight.jpg prophetakhran.jpg

TV and Movies

Firefly and Serenity
Created by Joss Whedon, Firefly was the second big influence for the Azentia campaign, along with the Song of Ice and Fire books. Several of the characters in the campaign are influenced specifically by characters from the tv show, most notably the warrior Reece.

firefly.jpg Serenity.jpg

Game of Thrones
Not that this is vastly different from the books, but this is such a great story that it must be experienced in whatever format is available.


Pirates of the Caribbean
It might seem strange to put these movies up there with Firefly and Game of Thrones, but when it comes to fantasy pirate stories, it doesn't get much better. Ghost ships, undead pirates, bizarre underwater creatures, a few myths… and throw in Johnny Depp's performance as Captain Jack Sparrow for good measure, and you've got some great entertainment.

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