Two major religions dominate Azentia, the Divine Host, and the Church of Seven.


Gaiar was the first. In the beginning, all was Gaiar, and Gaiar was all. But Gaiar was lonely, and created the world from himself, that he might take joy in the company of life.
At its peak, the Divine Host was followed throughout Estar and most of Azentia. Many of the small inhabited regions in the northlands also paid homage to the host, though they also kept their own tribal deities.
There are a large number of gods within the Divine Host, though only a few are regarded as powerful enough to command a wider following throughout the church.
The Divine Host was the preeminent religion in Estar before the war. There are still pockets of worshippers across the northlands of Azentia, though the religion is not favored by the ruling government, and open practitioners often find themselves detained by the Inquisitors.
The Inquisitors are direct servants of the Church of Seven, and are considered a threat to any priest of the Divine Host.


The Church of Seven arose in Azentia about a hundred years ago, originally with a small, but firm, following. As the Church slowly spread, the followers of the Divine Host were gradually pushed out, either being forced to convert to the Church, or to relocate to other areas where the Divine Host still held prominence.

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