Ro-Esh is the lord of fire and light. He is a bastion of good against the darkness of evil, and is the bane of undead. He is particularly favoured by farmers and rural folk, who ask that he stand against the ravages of storms brought by Varga.

Ro-Esh asks his followers to:
• Be a bastion of light against the darkness, just as they are a bastion of good against evil.
• Destroy undead wherever they may are found.
• Provide warmth and shelter to those that request it.

Common Worshippers

Ro-Esh is favored by farmers and rural folk, where his light is an essential element in the prosperity of the crops and livestock. While most folk take the changing of the seasons as a natural cycle, particularly hot summers or cold winters are often seen as signs of Ro-Esh's displeasure.

While he still has a goodly number of urban followers, there are a lot more that merely pay him lip service, instead preferring deities like Hirana, Loucar and Menzial.


There are no real ranks among the clergy of Ro-Esh. The priests themselves know which temples are of the most importance. The only title is for the single head of the Church, the Radiance, who lives in the High Temple in Darachmar.

Each temple is comprised of a small number of priests, the head of which is known as simply 'Father' or 'Mother'. There are also a number of itinerant priests, who wander the lands, usually during the spring and summer months. Such priests are welcomed at any temple they arrive at, and often find themselves staying in the one place most winters to help the local clergy.

Holy Days

Spring Dawn- Not a widely celebrated day by common folk, this day is the first important ceremony of the year for the Church of Ro-Esh. This day is given to honor the beginning of Spring, and to bless the new crops.

High Harvest - While High Harvest is not given to any one deity specifically, Ro-Esh and Belosh are the two who receive the most attention, as farmers across the land give thanks for the seasons crop, or beseech the gods for forgiveness if the harvest has been particularly bad.

Summer's End - At the end of each summer, sacrifices are made to Ro-Esh to secure his strength for the winter months, so that the cold will be less harsh, and summer will return to the world as soon as possible.


Necromancy - Creating an undead, or using death/black magic.

Indulgence - Turning away the needy, especially when you have means to give.


The Sun Stone - This glowing white crystal was carved from the sun itself by Ro-Esh, and given to the Radiance Arralan, to save the temple of Morgane from the Lich-King Torlin a thousand years ago. The Stone was broken into three separate pieces on his death, that were hidden after the fight, until such a time as they could be rejoined. The city was beset shortly after by a tornado the likes have never been seen again since, and the stones were never seen again.


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